Why Use Pivot Tables?

Pivot Tables can be easily explained because they are simple to use. They are a quick way to grab pivot tables explained a bunch of data and give quick analysis and answers to that data. It does this by taking all the data selected for the pivot table and outputting the data in a certain way based on the pivot table fields selected and used.

To create a Pivot Table, one has to have a data set in Microsoft Excel and follow these prompts: Data>Insert>PivotTable. This is the quick mapping to getting one inserted.

An Excel Pivot is best used for when there is a large data set as it allows the data to be less intimidating and easier to process. One should also ensure the data I setup in a way for this tool to process it most correctly. One of the most common mistakes made is having some blank headers that will not allow the user to insert a Pivot Table or having the Pivot Table fields set to a wrong calculation such as having COUNT instead of SUM or vice versa. That is why knowing how the fields within the Pivot Table work and how to change them to one’s needs is something everyone should learn.

Pivot Tables could come off as an intimidating thing to learn in Excel, but it is easy for the average Excel user to pick it up with any kind of free training for the most part. This great tool should be used more and more and I hope you will create a pivot table for all of your needs.