Cabinet Painting Process

Remove Cabinet Doors

We carefully remove each cabinet door from the boxes. Place a small piece of tape where the hinge goes on the door and another one inside the cabinet - each with corresponding numbers, ensuring that each door goes back to its own original spot.

Masking The Kitchen

First we will mask off the cabinet boxes. This is a bit tricky and it helps to be good with your hands. Then we mask off walls, countertops, appliances, floors and anything else that will be exposed during the spraying process. The last thing we will do is build a temporary professional deck stainers wall out of plastic, to make sure zero dust or over spray

Clean And Sand

Once we get the door's to the paint shop, I immediately get to work. The first thing I do, is clean the door's, thoroughly. We have a cleaning formula that clean's deep and leave's zero residue. After that , we are safe to began sanding procedures. We take our 3x4 palm, hook up 2 3/8 vac hose and hook it up to a vacuuming system that is specially made for sanding. That's it, the door's are ready to hold onto the primer for dear life.

Prepare The Doors For The Prime Coats

We Like To Take The Doors Home For 1 Reason. Being Able To Work On Them At Anytime, Give's Me Absolute Control Over The Process.

The Spray Shop

We have a set-up for spraying cabinets, a spray shop with 2 separate rooms – it has 2 fanes , a heater and mathematically configured holes to create the perfect negative airflow. This is how we keep a 100% dust free spray booth.

Not only are we keeping the dust out, but we are creating an atmosphere that is very conducive to drying.

Many people just use a single box fan as exhaust, with a single opening directly across from it. I feel that multiple fan’s , creating a push and a pull is way more effective.

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Our Heavy Hitters

Extreme Bond - Top of the Line primer - dries fast and hard. Absolute most durable paint on the market.

Emerald Best finish without question. Emerald is the Gold standard for the advancement in paint technology.

Dust Elimination

Each door will be blown off with compressed air, and then wiped down with a tack cloth. The cleaning and wiping down almost seem redundant, until you’ve had tiny bit’s of dust cause you to have to spray cabinet’s for the 4th time. The finish is everything. With the door’s completely clean and dust free, we take them, 1 at a time into the spray booth. I like to spray the door’s while they are hanging, so I can spray both side’s. To prevent any smudges while handling them, I have them on ‘holders’ that are fashioned after coat hanger’s, only much stronger. They hang from a drycleaner’s rail so I can simply slide them out of the spray booth into the drying area with virtually no chance of mishandling them. We create these function’s to ensure that the customer gets their kitchen back ASAP.

Primer Application

The primer application process is a double sided process. After I spray a solid 3-5 mils on the cabinet doors, I let them dry for 3 hours. After that, get out a very bright LED light, it sit’s low on the table , so I can see any defect’s, no matter how small. Then I putty the defects, before the next coat of primer. This ensure’s that all defect’s will be found and completely fixed , well before the last coat of paint is applied. Expert cabinet coating's from a company you can trust.

Top Coat Application

Liberty Painting uses a Graco airless sprayer, with a 313 fine finish tip. This allows me to turn the pressure on the sprayer way down, so I can apply the perfect amount of paint on each coat. The best technique , is to apply multiple light coat’s. This lets the paint dry much faster – and harder. When I am done painting your cabinets, I take my thumbnail and try to gouge and scratch the paint. Believe it or not, I usually cant even leave a noticeable mark. And thats how I know your cabinets are ready for 10 years of wiping, scrubbing , heat , steam and moisture. After 3 coat’s on the door’s and 2 coats on the boxe’s, everything will sit and cure completely for 24 hours.

Liberty Painting

Cabinet Coatings Applications

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