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Comfort and confidence can be two different things when not designed meticulously. For a woman to feel confident in every aspect, she has to wear the right kind of attire that brings out her shine and elegance. She can be a working woman, a homemaker, a pregnant woman, a trendsetter, or a bossy lady. Only the right pair of lingerie can make a woman strike a confident look effortlessly. At FRANATO, we strive for every woman in the world to love and embrace their body with utmost comfort and class. We create shapewear that helps every woman to express and celebrate their unique beauty. Our exclusive range of shapewear and bodysuits lets you breathe by delivering superior comfort and zero restrictions. We help women of all sizes and shapes to reshape and flaunt their curves with pride.

It has always been our firm belief at FRANATO that lingerie is the most intimate emotion and expression of a woman that attributes her to step out with confidence. A perfect piece of bodysuit can transform any closet problem into stunning statement clothes, changing your life forever. And that is our passion, making us do what we are doing. We help women redefine and shape their personalities with courage and long-lasting self-assurance. Besides, we take immense pride in creating confident, independent women who are not afraid of breaking the stereotypes and live life to the fullest. Most importantly, we wanted pregnant women to feel confident, empowered, and happy to welcome their little bundle of joy with grace.

Our Story

We have been in the industry for quite a long time. We were wholesale shapewear distributors designing and manufacturing maternity shapewear and seamless underwear before the inception of FRANATO. “creating beauty for women from the inside out” was our motto. We manufactured and exported professional seamless lingeries to the US for nearly 20 years. And finally, we were ready to expand and push ourselves in the international market. Our 20 years of experience in crafting fine lingerie and the thirst to further innovation lead to the birth of our brand FRANATO in 2015.

Ever since the inception of FRANATO, we’ve been one of the fastest-growing and most acclaimed lingerie brands in the world. Our impeccable quality at competitive prices marked the beginning of our success story as a brand. Throughout our journey, we have worked with nearly 200 companies from different industries all around the world. It is our quality and service that brings us more credentials along the way. We are immensely proud of creating lingerie that offers world-class luxury and comfort at competitive prices. It is this achievement that constantly serves as our daily dose of motivation. Besides, the love we get from women around the world is massive and humbling. It is this inspiration that we continue wholesale body shaper distributors to contribute and explore more of women’s shapewear.

Our Design

Our in-depth knowledge and passion enable us to create lingeries that are timeless and beyond comfort. We bring you quality shapewear and underwear that are size inclusive and contemporary. We help you enhance, reshape and attain your ideal type of body with our unparalleled creativity and industry standards. Regardless of your problem area, our unique design complements your silhouette and gives you the right shape. They are easy to wear and easy to flaunt!

We are fully aware of the need to be realistic and chic at the same time. Our in-house facility is versatile, employing industry-leading technologies and an expert workforce. The size of our machines ranges from 12” to 19”, which gives us the ability to produce shapewear of many different sizes.

Hence we manufacture a wide array of pregnancy and maternity shapewear that fits and feel perfect on any body size and shape. Above all, we are keen on creating designs that do not strangulate or chafe pregnant women yet sculpt and pull a dashing look.

At FRANATO, we import premium quality yarn called NILIT from Israel for all our lingeries. The fabric is exceptionally lightweight and offers a sensual touch. Together we combine other skin-friendly fabric clothes to craft designs that stretch freely and feel soft on women’s bodies. Our range of bodysuits and shapewear glides in with your body allowing easy and elegant movements. We also incorporate an ergonomic seamless cutting process to offer shapewear that can support, guide, and accentuate women’s figures. We offer designs that are refreshing and can cater to any body type highlighting and attracting stunning curves.

Reshape and Replenish Your Charisma With Us

FRANATO has crafted every shapewear and seamless underwear to meet the timeless needs of a woman’s body. Our extensive collection of shapewear series includes one-piece series, tanks and camisoles, bras, leggings, sports and yoga series, seamless shapewear, and pregnancy shapewear.

Shapewear for Every Occasion!

Smoothing and toning down your lumps, love handles, or hip dips can be painful and suffocating. Hence we have designed shapewear and bodysuit that stretches infinitely and supports your body. From weddings to daily wear, try rediscovering your closet with our shapewear and look fabulous on every occasion.

Our Shapewear Grows As Your Baby Belly Grows!

We let your baby bump breathe. We have crafted the pregnancy shapewear with love and special care to make the journey wonderful and memorable. Most importantly, our pregnancy shapewear stretches to double or triple the size that offers nothing but pampering comfort to your body. Our seamless fittings relax and sculpt your body without constriction.

Maternity Shapewear for Mothers Around the World!

Our maternity shapewear is more than just a requirement but is essential for every woman’s closet.

We felt indispensable to craft and fashion maternity lingeries like nursing bras, shorts, dresses, and leggings to provide support and comfort to every mother. We have created all our maternity shapewear diligently to help bring sheer joy and embrace motherhood without stress.

And this is how we have 35000+ happy customers talking about us! We are more than happy for you to come and experience the feeling for yourself! Feel free to contact us for any queries on our products or wholesale details.